Ramadan oat soup

Ramadan is just around the corner and of course we need to be prepared for it .Try to make a list of things you want to do in Ramadan ,try to plan your day ,including your meals .You don't want to be stuck on the kitchen all day ,try to find time for listening good lectures ,reading more and studying Quran more .

Here is a simple recipe that I would like to share .And we just call it Ramadan oat soup ..
Very easy to make and its very healthy and delicious .

Soup :

Heat 2-3 tablespoon oil, add 1/2 small chopped onion and 1/4 tsp. of cumin seeds, when the onion start turning brown add 1/2 cup boneless chicken or mutton ( cut in bite size )(I use grilled chicken or cooked chicken any way you like , add 1 tablespoon ginger and garlic paste. saute for 2 min. add 1/2 tsp cumin powder, salt to taste , black pepper to taste, 1/4 tsp garam masala (all spices mix), 1 chicken cube of maggi, 1/4 tsp chaat masala (optional), tomato paste (2 tomatoes with one cup and half of water mixed in a blander) and simmer till chicken or mutton is tender.

mix 6 -8 tablespoon of oats in 1 cup of water and add this mixture to the soup. cook till it starts boiling, the simmer for 5 min and as much water as you like and let it cook few minutes more .The soup should not be thick or it will not taste good, it will be medium.

Your soup is ready. You can add lemon juice to taste if u like and also green chili sauce .
if u don't get the green chili sauce , u can add coriander chutney if u want. ( or if u get red chili sauce, u can add that to )

:-the chutney or sauce or lemon juice are optional.

Enjoy !!!

Redesigning your baby's nursery

Decorating baby room is always exciting ,especially if it is your first baby ..
There are many complete sets sold for baby rooms .You can buy a bedding set with lots of accessories ,or you can make your own...

Here is something I made for my baby room .I redesign the whole bedding set .
Just added some fabric to the bumper and made a new quilt and also decorated a lamp with matching fabric ..
I hope it can inspire some of you .

This is a fabric that I bought for this set from Joanns fabrics

There is same pattern in Green which I also like

I made the quilt very simple way ,just cut 3 strips the same size and sew them together ,put batting in between and then sew the fabric on the back together with the front .

I made the center square with  lace border ,which I also bought from Joanns

The fabric is 100% cotton and is nice and soft ,your baby will love it !!!

On the ceiling I hanged lanterns made from coloured paper .Babies love colors ,the brighter the better .

Here I will show you how to make it and you will have to be creative and decide how to hang them :)

1.Take colored paper and fold it in half

2.Cut half inch stripes through the paper ,leaving half inch at the top

3.It should look like this when you finish

4.Open the paper and glue the edges together and its ready and should look like this

Here are some more baby room inspiration

Tell me what you think about these ideas

My thoughts on motherhood

Being a Mom takes all of our free time .For me as a new Mom its still hard to adjust to time management .
taking care of the house and my little one is something I enjoy doing most ,and of course I have many hobbies that i like to do .
I am a Muslim woman ,who likes to study and read ,crochet and knit ,to sew and to drew ,to cook and to write ,to design and redesign my house ,to do shopping and to meet with friends and much much more .
This is totally opposite to what most people think of us Muslim women as oppressed and uneducated .
Well, I think those people need to educate themselves and we as women need to educate them about who we are ...

Being mother is something that is great rewarded by Allah (one true God) .There is no job in this world that can be greater then being Mom . From the first day I held my baby in my arms ,from that day I love him more and more and he is the treasure of all treasures .
I can't never leave this treasure with babysitter or anyone to do MY job ,because this is mother's job to take care of her child and I'm proud of this job ,this is my career ,this is my life and my reward is with my God,the greatest reward ,more then money can buy ,money come and go ,but reward from Allah( one true God) never ends ...
Then think my sister ,if you want to leave your child with a babysitter ,because you choose a career over motherhood .Do you think someone will be more compassionate with your child ,more then you ? Do you think someone will hug your baby and give him a kiss ,and hold him till he stops crying ,the way you do ?
Do you think someone will care about him when he is playing lonely with his toys ? Do you think someone more then you will care what he is watching on TV ? Do you think someone will clean him the way you do ?
I don't think even most experienced babysitter can give the child the love the a mother does ...

Are you bonding with your child ? Or are you too lazy to breastfeed .This is so common now days just to get rid of baby's needs by giving him/her formula and to give excuse I'm not getting enough milk for him .
And how about co-sleeping with your child .Do not learn from the West to leave your babies in the bed crying until they fall asleep ,this is not the compassion that we are taught in Islam .
Be compassionate ,kiss your child ,hug him and kiss him/her often and learn the beauty of bonding ..
These are just my thoughts on motherhood !

Please leave your comments ! I need to know I'm benefiting someone or not :)

assalam aleikum
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