Preparing for Ramadan

Since Ramadan is almost here I wanted to share some tips to prepare for Ramadan .
First ,think about Ramadan as a special guest that comes only once a year .How do you prepare for your special guest ? You clean up the house ,you prepare the menu ,you prepare best clothes to wear and much more .

Prepare ahead of time

1.Prepare yourself mentally and spiritually.Listen to some lectures daily ,starting from now .

-Make a list of Duas you want to memorize

-Make a list of goals you want to achieve

-Make a list of what do you want to change in yourself and how can you keep these habits with you

-Read from the Seerah books and learn examples from the lives of Sahaba and righteous people 

-For example read about each Companion of the Prophet ,peace be upon him, a day

-After you listen a lecture ,write down a short summary of that lecture

-Do more Tasbeeh and Dhikr

Other preparations

  • 2.Clean up your house and get rid of the staff you don't need .See the extra that you have ,and just give it away .Check your closets and check your Hijabs and other clothes ,that you may give away ,but always remember one point ,dont give in Sadaqa something that you wouldn't take  for yourself .
  • 3.Get your clothes that you will be wearing for Taraweeh and going to Masjid ready.Choose and iron the Hijabs that you will wear and hang them in one place nicely ,do the same for your abaya and Jilbab...
  • The reason I'm mentioning clothes is because most of us women get so busy with what to wear .This is how we are ,let's be honest ,we get busy with our clothes and forget other things ,that's why I'm advising to organize the closet ,so it wont distract you .
  • 4.Make a list of who and when you planning to invite
  • 5,Do all your Eid shopping before Ramadan starts .Buy the gifts for everyone for Eid ahead of time .Please do not do it in the last ten days of Ramadan .
  • 6.Buy what you want to wear for Eid now ,not in the last days
  • 7.Think of the food for Suhur .Think of the foods that you can make and freeze
  • 8.And last and most important Don't stuck your mind on cooking
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