Home made baby foods !

Since I had my first child my biggest concern always been his health .This is  what every mother wants for her child .I been buying organic products only and been reading a lot on how to raise a healthy child.
When the time came he was ready for solids I didn't know where to start from .There are so many baby foods sold out there and how and which one should I choose ,was a bit confusing ..
Making home foods been really stressful ,because I been using so many tools to make one little plate of food for my baby.I was using blander ,food processor ,masher and so on ,but nothing seamed to work for me ...
By advice of one of my friends I started using simple coffee grinder to make baby puree and trust me it worked great  .I couldn't believe it !!!
Now my kitchen is clean and I really enjoy making baby foods ,because now its so simple and easy ...
This is simple coffee grinder that I use.Just make sure you add little bit water when you mash the foods in it.

I just want to share this with everyone !!!I hope someone can benefit from this , as I benefited from my friend's advice ...

I would like to share these 2 sites that helped me a lot when looking for information on solid foods for baby :


Also ,please share your tips with me ...
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