Indian Decor for your home

 Indian Decor for your home

These are  cushions that I made for my house .May be it will be an inspiration for some of you .
I took 2 plain pillow cases ,ypu can pick a fabric and make your own .Mine are made of polyester silky fabric
Then in the center I just used Sari fabric ,or you can use your old kurta ,or even a scarf  .I used Indian decor colors for mine ...
Sew the piece of fabric to a center and then tie a thin rope around the pillow and attach the tassel ..
 Here are some pillowcases I found on ebay that look exactly like mine  ,set of 6

Here is a tassle in for only $ 0.99

Then you will have to find the fabric for the center piece .You will not need more then a yard ..
You can match it with this fabric I found in,if you like red colors like I do ..

Please leave your comments .Do you like this  design ?Would you want to make something like this for your home ?
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