Amazing arts and crafts

Today I would like to make a post about beautiful culture  of a very small country ,that is not know to everybody ..This country has a very diverse population and been influenced by its history.
We all heard of the names such as Bukhara and Samarkand ,where many scholars of hadith are from and most well know in a Muslim world is Imam Bukhari .The name of this beautiful country is Uzbekistan.
People of Uzbekistan are known for their generosity and hospitality and they are also know for their beautiful arts and unique crafts.
Here is some information I collected about arts and culture of this country .Hope the readers can learn something new about our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters in that small,but beautiful Muslim  land.

The Uzbekistan people are known for their hospitality, friendly and peaceful nature. The people of Uzbekistan belong to diverse categories and ethnic races. The rich and varied history of Uzbekistan have made the customs and traditions of the Uzbek people more colorful.

The population of Uzbekistan comprises the ethnic groups of Uzbeks, Karakalpaks, Russians, Tajiks, Kazakhs, Tatars and many others. The people in Uzbekistan are famous throughout the world because of their amicable nature and courteous attitude. The Uzbeks are not only helpful towards their neighbors but also to the foreign travelers visiting their country.

The people of Uzbekistan are fair with interesting facial features. The features vary with their origin. Some people have small eyes and sharp nose while some have flat features. Usually they are tall and stout people. The Uzbek people are very diet conscious and follow discipline in whatever they do. A casual meeting may also be honored through traditional customs like serving tea and raising toast.

The Uzbek people greet people to their house at any hour of the day. It is customary to embrace or kiss on the cheek of their near and dear ones on meeting, after a long period of time. These people live a simple but an elegant lifestyle. Their professional fields are mainly family business or agricultural activities. The Uzbek people are very much family oriented people, who dedicate their every minute of leisure to their family members.


The arts and crafts of Uzbekistan have enjoyed a well-earned fame for centuries. The pre-eminence of the applied art here can be attributed to historical conditions shaping the cultural development of the Uzbek people. Uzbeks have developed their technical and artistic traditions over centuries. The applied art reflects everyday life; its main attribute is the close connection between artistic creativity and daily material necessity.

The social nature of decorative art lies in its collectivity. Art is the heritage of many generations; it represents a series of consecutive layers, which reflect a people's culture through the ages. The skills and knowledge imparted by the various ethnic groups that eventually came together to constitute the Uzbek nation created this diversity of artistic traditions that is the distinguishing feature in works of art of all genres.

Architectural-decorative art holds a prominent place in the arts and crafts of Uzbekistan.

Principles of ornamental construction and profound knowledge of the plastic and artistic properties of local building materials that were well-known throughout the Middle East, such as ghanch (a sort of alabaster), wood, stone, ceramics, constitute the time-tested fundamentals of this ancient art.

The world famous architectural monuments of Bukhara, Samarkand, Khiva, and other cities of Uzbekistan testify to the professional mastery of mediaeval artists and architects, ornamental designers and calligraphers, engravers and ceramists.

In Uzbekistan, wall painting and sculptural carving as well as ornamental carving and painting have been practised since ancient and early mediaeval periods. The 9th and 10th centuries saw a period of particularly intensive development of ornamental, floral-vegetal polychromatic paintings and relief carving. The ever more elaborate use of ornamental forms and compositions formed the basis for principles approved by experts through the ages and are observed and adhered to even nowadays.

The influence of Soviet Union made a lot of Uzbek Muslims to adopt Islam as a culture ,rather then faith .Now days Islam is returning in the hearts of Uzbek people .Mosques and Islamic organizations grow rapidly and more and more youth started practicing Islam and reviving the religion .


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