Studying Quran with al Huda

For me as a revert to Islam its been very hard to find good sources to learn from .I been looking through many Islamic online schools and tried few ..
I finally stopped after finding this best school to study Quran and its womens only ..
The way they teach is amazing ..

Its called alhuda school .

The school was first established in Islambad and then years later they opened second campus in Canada.
The school is aimed to teach Quran only and now they offer many classes online through a paltalk ..
The course I’m taking is called Taleem al Quran ..
They offer this class 5 days a week or 2 Days a week or once a week ..

If I tell you the fee for the class you won’t believe me ..
Its only $25 -$50 a month

The teachers are all women, and they are fabulous ..

Here you can find online classes offered at the moment

They teach Tajweed ,Quran word by word translation and Tafseer of every single verse ..

For me personally we only finished surat al Baqarah and its been amazing experience that changed my life ..
I was crying and crying after few verses I learned from the first class ,because I was able to understand the words of Almighty Allah ..
Its truly beautiful experience and I recommend every sister to attend this school .

watch this,very inspiring!!!

Please visit this school and start your journey ...
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