Simple Wall art you can make with your own hands !!!

Here is another interesting project to make ,that I found from the same web site
The author of this beautiful project is Kuzmenkova Nadezda

Beautiful framed wall decor is made out of sea shells .

This is what you will need to make this piece of art

Necessary tools to make the project

1. Sea shells

2. cord

3.frame with the glass

4.decoration peaces for the center of the flower.

5. fabric for the base .Its best to use velvet for this project
6. Glue
7. Gold Nail polish (or other cloror)

Lets start !!!!

First glue the shells together to form a flower .Use three shells for the flower.

2.In the next step use the golden color nail polish to color some old beads for the centers of the flowers

3.Next glue the velvet fabric to the glass

4.Glue the center pieces that you made with nail polish to the shell flowers

5.In the next step glue the cord to a fabric

6.And finally glue the ready made flowers to the fabric .Use the cord to make small vines

And your Wall art is ready !!!

You can use different color fabric as a background to match with your decor .

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