Eastern details in House Decor

I found these interesting ideas to decorate your house .It gives Eastern touch to your house Decor .
Use beads or bead jewelry to decorate your curtains .
Here are few beautiful examples and aslo how to make these looks.
The information is taken from http://www.osinka.ru/Sewing/Dekor/RR/06_04/

This is how to make it

Take the line of beads and gold color cord .Put it together like on the picture above.
Make a braid and fix the ends together .

Connect it together as a circle and tie to the curtains.


Connect the beads to a tie with the help of the needle ,

Then sew all the threads  that you made ,one by one  to the center of the fabric ,that you will be using .

Here is another beautiful idea

Take a piece of fabric ,fold the edges and sew them ,leaving space for the ring

It should look like this

In the next step ,glue the ornament ,decoration to the back side of the ring .

Use sticky velcro to attach the ends together

Please leav your comments and suggestions .
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