Islamic Online University

 assalamu aleikum
I just discovered  beautiful Islamic courses online and its free.
Its offered by Islamic Online University by doctor Bilal Philips .
There are many courses offered .All you have to do is to register and log in to a class .
Each course is very organized and easy to study .It divided into several moduls .After each Module you complete a test .The course is combined with text ,video and audio material .And even more ,you will receive a Certificate after each course, signed by doctor Bilal Philips
Please check it out and spread the word ...
This is a link for the courses

These are some of courses offered


umm muhammad said...

Salaam sis, thanks for sharing

Umm Nuh said...

As salamu alaykum sister,
Thank you for the great link!
I was browsing for patterns (for khimars)and found your blog. Please come and have a look at a network for creative muslimahs; you are welcome to join and share your craft ideas and examples (plus promote your blog):
Wa salamu alaykum,

online colleges and universities said...

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